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Why is the IT audit service from CIOneer in great demand?

In the understanding of “old school” managers, IT audit is an analysis of only information systems, server and network infrastructure. If the company wants to assess the situation "as is", then this should be enough.

But now companies that are embarking on the path of transformation need to assess the state of "to be" and "what to do next".

Qualitative IT audit provides, first of all, a dialogue with the business. And then – with the IT team. The goals and strategy of the company come first.

Therefore, the audit results include a detailed analysis of business issues and IT .

The main condition of any audit is impartiality. The internal team is not always able to withstand this condition completely.

If the audit is performed by an independent auditor, then the Business Owner or CEO can expect impartial results.

With an independent IT audit, you can see, in addition to the problems of the main subject of the audit, also problems, namely:

  • Problems with end-to-end processes

  • Absence of regulated procedures which leading to potential or actual losses

  • Inefficiency of existing business processes in the company

  • Issues with staff engagement

  • Potential risks associated with the company’s existing structure

  • Risks of owning information "in the same hands"

  • Other

An integrated approach to audit, namely the combination of business problems with IT problems, determines the quality and uniqueness of our product.

For example after the full-fledged audit is a company which six months as a result of a complete change in the structure and people in the IT Department, began implementing projects that had been planned for several years. In parallel with this, all management personnel started actively participating in projects as project managers (after respective training). The introduced IT committee now is one of the most important management bodies for IT projects and strategy. But the most important thing is that the IT Director of the company, due to the provided mentoring service to support his work during the trial period, became a full-fledged TOP manager who began a dialogue with business in the language of business.

IT. Experience. Result.

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