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What to look when ordering an IT audit

More and more companies plan to perform an IT audit in order to get an independent opinion on IT status in the company.

Companies that plan do an IT audit for the first time, usually go according to the scenario, which often leads to loss of money and frustration.

What are they doing?

Search Google ➡select 5 companies that conduct IT audit.

Calling with «the lucky» ➡ select of three of them.

Meeting with the finalists ➡ try to get the best possible discount ➡ choose the ‘winner’.

Hold on for a second… Did you want to choose the lowest budget company conducting an IT audit of the infrastructure or do you want to get a holistic picture considering processes, applications and other areas?

The best scenario is not to start with price question. There are many other questions to ask. For example:

● Methodology of IT audit

● A typical program of IT audit

● Experience in conducting IT audits in your industry

● Availability of certified auditors exactly for your project

The first you need to ensure that IT audit will cover your company needs and pain points, in other words right audit scope in critical part of success. The second step is to choose a right short list of companies that can perform audit with the right quality. And then start discussing price and make your choice.

We wish you all an effective IТ.

IT. Experience. Result.

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