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Reasonable optimization - conquers reason or instincts?

In times of crisis, the most pressing issue for business is survival in the current realities. The term «optimization» is increasingly being heard in the business community. But what do they put into this concept? What actions should be taken? It is quite expectable that companies have the task to stay afloat in the short term, reduce costs to the maximum, preserve key competencies. Let us talk about optimization in IT. The element of surprise played a cruel joke on the most of vulnerable companies. Decisions had to be taken quickly, there was not too much time to make informed decisions. BCP (Business Continuity Plan) plans were known, but still not available. Approaches to optimization in many businesses were fundamentally polar:

  • to reduce the financial burden at the expense of personnel as much as possible

  • to keep all employees and provide all IT services during the crisis

Cost reduction due to revision of IT services, application of new tools, negotiations with suppliers, revision of necessary competences and motivation for quarantine started "after". The first approach led to "success" at once: Costs were reduced, business stayed afloat for a while. But what is at the end of the other side? The risk of stopping and not being able to maintain services without technical owners. A mass of qualified specialists on the market, ready to reduce their financial expectations for a while - a personnel Klondike for competitors! A mass of offended qualified specialists... Now everything depends only on the balance between qualification, the level of offense and the degree of decency of the former employee. A reputational step backwards for the company as an employer... The second approach is more environmentally friendly for staff. But is it effective? Do all IT services really need to be done in a limited business environment? Are all IT professionals with their competencies used for the intended purpose? Obviously, the current situation in the world will really show companies the real existing ballast and extra fat, without which it is easier to breathe. Reasonable optimization is the starting point for companies in a absolutely different reality, in which we all have to live. Therefore, finding a balanced and sensible approach is the number one task for a business that will want to continue to conquer the markets after the crisis. Where can we find help? We, CIOneer, are a team of independent IT professionals with years of experience, also in crisis conditions. During the week of anti-crisis express IT audit we will help you to develop a roadmap and adapt your IT structure and processes, allowing the company to preserve its competences, reduce costs and apply new contactless technologies during the time of low activities. And also, further scaling of IT in the field of development and implementation of new projects. IT. Experience. Result.

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