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Magic tablet: IT Director for rent

In everyday life and work, leased resources and services are common. They help in a short time to quickly and efficiently close emerging needs. A rented car quickly takes us from point A to point B. A rented apartment closes the housing question until the moment you buy your own. Over the past few years, a software and server rental service has allowed companies to have the best and most secure solutions without thousands of investments. The use of the rental service of a resource is always caused by the desire to receive the service efficiently, quickly and safely. In the process of business transformation in terms of improving IT functions, in most cases there is a need to change and / or select a new leader who has competencies of a higher level, or the development of an existing leader. Also, in crisis situations caused by internal or external circumstances, a crisis management function is required. Consider each case separately. The business transformation process requires the replacement or selection of a new IT Director. Usually this need is dictated by the results of an independent audit. At the output of the audit, a roadmap for further IT strategy always appears. The process of selecting a qualified IT Director is not a one-week process, and the implementation of a new strategy must already be started. In this case, the service “IT Director for rent” will immediately begin the work of the roadmap, as well as qualified assistance in finding a permanent candidate for the role of CIO. Also, its use is justified when at the start of the reorganization a more qualified and “expensive” resource is required than in the process of only operational management. The IT transformation process requires the development of the current CIO. If the competencies of the current CIO are not enough to implement the new IT strategy, but the IT reorganization process does not require its replacement, the “IT Director for Rent” service provides an opportunity to develop and mentor the current leader. A rented IT Director will assist and assist in the implementation of transformation activities, applying best practices. In this case, the plus is the lack of competition and the ability to receive further support and advice from the best IT Directors of the country. Crisis management. In the event that the company finds itself in a crisis caused by internal or external processes, and assistance is needed to bring the IT structure to the optimum state during the crisis, renting an experienced IT Director will also help to update the IT department to the expected level with minimal losses. This service is relevant for those companies where IT carries the role of a fully “servicing” department, without a managerial focus. Usually, after crisis management, the process of transformation, audits and a new IT strategy begins. In general, the service IT Director for rent is an innovation for the Ukrainian market. But its massive use is in the foreseeable future. Many years of experience in specialized subject areas, knowledge of the best management practices and methodologies are the competencies of our Team, thanks to which our customer receives a quality product. IT Director for rent - your “Magic tablet” from the IT pains of your business.

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