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IT Director as-a-service. Practical case

The position of any TOP manager supposes, first of all, the right order and organization of processes in his/her own Department that directly correspond to the strategy and management model of the Company. Also, an integral part of its activities is effective work with its personnel, selection and development of personnel. The result of these two components is an indicator of the effectiveness of CxO. And faster the indicators reach the target, the faster Company will acquire the necessary power to move towards strategic goals. However there is a reason that prevents achievement of the results necessary for a quick start in a short period of time – this is a large routine workload of the manager which is an essential part of the workflow. «TOP manager as-a-service» is, first of all, a manager whose task is to quickly and efficiently transform a division until a permanent manager is hired without deep immersion in operational activities. The purpose of this process is to build background for efficient transition of the structure for further management. Compared to the activities of a permanent TOP-level manager, the time required for a part-time CIO to transform is significantly shorter. Also taking into account the fact that the competence of the manager at the stage of properly preparing the unit for further functioning should be higher than for further operational activities. This fact enables the CEO to save financial resources in the long term. Let's give an example of what results were achieved on a recent project. The Company's management decided to expand the strategy. New goals and projects were formed. Of course one of the key roles in these projects was to be played by IT. At this stage it was revealed that the current IT structure had significant that didn't make it possible to implement new projects are planned:

  • the IT function was not be measured;

  • there were no task priorities, which led to a chaotic closure of «hot» incidents;

  • the landscape of information systems and infrastructure was difficult to manage and very redundant.

As a result the IT function that existed in the company didn't bring sufficient business value and required transformation. Goal of the first stage of the project was to create an IT Strategy in line with the new goals of the Company. As part of creation of the Strategy it was proposed to reorganize the IT Department, implement modern methods of IT management and increase the competence of staff. One of the points of the roadmap was search and recruitment of a new CIO under whose leadership the steps of the Strategy will be implemented. Searching for a TOP manager in a medium and large companies can take more few months. And the downtime on the way to transformation plays a cruel joke with Companies in a competitive environment. While the choice of a new CIO was underway the Company's Management decided not to waste time and hired a CIO for rent. During three months a new organizational structure of IT was agreed and implemented, the ground was prepared for the implementation of ITIL processes in IT, a new motivational model of IT staff was developed and agreed, new cards of personnel competence were formed, new people were hired. Along with this IT projects for a period of 1-2 years were agreed, project passports prepared, key documents were developed for effective business interaction on IT, steps were developed to optimize operating costs. As a result: the new CIO received a fully prepared Department in accordance with the best practices of modern IT management in the shortest possible time. Our client's investments at the initial stage of business transformation gave instant results and the opportunity to get «quick wins» in the short term.

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