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Implementations business intelligence for distribution company

One of our clients is a large retail and distribution company. One of the Owner's dreams was to have the only online corporate reporting system where he can work 24x7 from any location worldwide. But due to the unavailability of information resources, people, processes, the massive use of Excel models – the project seemed to be unrealistic. The company needed a single system that would allow to analyse information about the sales, margins, categories, stock levels, etc. Our project team has collected business requirements, analyzed data sources, created a data model, and after 3 months of implementation delivered 10 key reports. After we delivered an IT audit and a six-month transformation project, the company received an analytical system that allows it to analyze the business and make decisions not once a month (after month closure), but 24x7. It improved the culture of working with data to another level of maturity. At the moment, the system is being developed, the company's appetite for new requirements is growing, because it has a tool that shows: surplus stocks in warehouses, categories with low margins, cost problems, and much more. We know that today almost every company already has a sufficient amount of data for effective business decision making, and the question – how to use it correctly? Business gains competitive advantages, primarily due to the timeliness of making the right decisions.

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