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How to build transparent IT for the business?

Any business owner is a pragmatic person who wants to get answers to the questions “right here and now". What were the sales yesterday for each of the categories? What is the growth compared to the previous month? What is the cost of production for this month? IT does not differ here from other functions and should also be measured with numbers that include KPI (key performance indicators), as well as other metrics for example IT service availability, recovery time in case of failures, number of incidents resolved on time, and so on. Other metrics might include total cost of IT ownership (TCO), the ratio of number of IT employees to the number of employees of the company, the cost of every IT service, and others, as these parameters directly affect the cost of running the business. One of the important elements of transparency is procurement. It's no secret that this area is one of the most corrupted. Building of transparent rules with manufacturers, integrators and inside decision-making principles (tender committees, financial terms) are an important part of every IT director's job. For example, if a shareholder has several businesses, then it is important to ensure the parity of the price of the same product or service in different businesses, otherwise the situation will be strange when the same owner pays a different price for the same product in different companies. Transparency of IT for business is the important element for effective management, since it is impossible to manage what cannot be measured. This approach is mature and allows IT to participate in achievement of the company's business objectives and generate additional business value.

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