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5 secrets: where to look for when hiring a professional IT director

Task of the IT director is to help the business to work efficiently, reduce the company's costs and increase profits. The CIO must quickly understand business. However, today there are a lot of candidates for the position of IT director who know how to “play to the audience” , not “play the game” and use more “professional” slang in interviews, which the CEO is not easy to understand. As a result CEO doesn't know what the candidate is talking about and blindly agree to accept him into the company. And then your IT department turns into a “black box” and you don't understand what is happening there and what work result it brings.

We have prepared tips to help you find a professional IT director who won't blur your eyes. There are not perfect candidates, but there are bad interviews.

1. Work experience

You get a candidate's CV, where there is a large list of well-known companies where he/she. But look how long he was CIO of the IT department. It doesn't matter how many companies a candidate has changed, if his work experience was up to 2 years at CIO role. A specialist in the position of CIO can't perform serious business changes in such a time. Most likely, this specialist left behind the consequences for which the companies were paying.

2. Different management experience

This is the type of managers who don't really care which department to manage. They have experience in managing WEB site designers, digital marketers, technical support or system administrators and call centers. The main thing is that they have managerial experience. Such managers often don't understand the work of their subordinates. And your IT department will work relaxed, and you will not be able to count on change in the company from the IT side.

3. What CIO plans to change in your company

Of course, at once a potential candidate cannot provide to you a roadmap for the next five years. But a professional CIO always has an understanding of ​​how to build his IT department. A professional CIO should first of all ask about the business strategy, goals of the company and build an IT roadmap based on this information and current state of IT.

4. “I'm a specialist in all fields”

There are quite a few ambitious of CIO are specialists in all fields with a million certificates. Pay attention to what he is really a professional in, because you cannot be an expert in absolutely everything. If you meet such a genius, stay away from him.

5. Lack of results

Still, an unscrupulous СІО was to get a job in your company, but months pass and you still don't understand what he does. Analyze what benefits he has brought to the company in the last 1-2 months of work, what has changed since he came to the company. If you cannot single out even a few facts, then you should return to the first four points, because when hiring an CIO, you didn't pay attention to the above rules. You must remember – a company doesn't pull out the CIO, but the CIO makes the company a leader in the market.

We hope that our advice will help you find a true professional. And if you also have the rules that help you when hiring a CIO – share, we are very interested in your opinion.

IT. Experience. Result.

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