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5 CEO mistakes when hiring a CIO

Over the past few years of communication and work with various companies, large and medium, we at «CIOneer» have observed how company owners and CEOs make the same mistakes when hiring a CIO (Chief Information Officer). After have analyzed the most typical cases, we formulated 5 conclusions on how to avoid mistakes when hiring a CIO and not regret the choice you’ve made. Imagine that you are the CEO of the company and you need a CIO. Moreover, if not the best of the best, then certainly a very worthy candidate, because much will depend on him in the company - from the quality of IT services provided to business transformation. Here, most companies make Mistake 1, which we call the “universal soldier” syndrome, namely incorrect formulation of expectations. About half of the companies start looking for a CIO position for a person who needs to understand the business well, be an excellent network administrator, and also engage in software development. It does not exist. CIO is a manager, not a technical specialist. His/her task is to build a holistic IT management system, flexibly transform IT according to the business needs, so that the effect for the business is maximized with minimal risks and optimal investments in IT. Technical problems must be solved by technical specialists. Mistake 2 – wrong place to look for candidates Big fish swims deep. Believe me, the most qualified CIOs do not post their CV on public resources for job search. They work with career advisers and recruiting agencies. That is why it is better to entrust the search for the first person in IT not to your HR department, but to professional recruiters. By the way, they will help to formulate requirements for the position. Imagine that you have to make the final choice out of 2-3 candidates. Congratulations, you’re almost at the finish line, however, mistake 3, when no one can evaluate the true qualifications of the candidate. As a rule, it is difficult for recruiters and CEO to OBJECTIVELY evaluate the qualifications of the candidate for the position of CIO and then the decision is made based on soft skills assessment. Such a mistake will drive the CEO to the loss of time and money. Hire independent high level CIOs to evaluate your candidates to be sure of his/her high qualifications. In the first months of CIO's work, try to invest your time for maximally quick dive the new top manager in the context of business and culture, form SMART goals, and give freedom in action. Do not make a mistake 4 when the new CIO receives not only the tasks WHAT to do, but also HOW to do. In other words – define the goals and success criterias together, and leave the path to achieving the goals to the CIO. He/she will definitely do it. While I was writing the text, I decided to give advice. It is called “The first 100 days of CIO”. So: the lack of specific business results (even small ones) during this period makes a signal that the new CIO is most likely not suitable for your company. Do not do mistake number 5. I wish you all a professional and productive IT!

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