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CIO Academy is a training course for IT directors

Do you want to improve your management skills, improve your skills and knowledge, achieve career growth and become a successful CIO? Then this course is just for you! Develop your professional competencies in just four weeks and join the ranks of the best CIOs of Ukraine!

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What is this course and for whom?

CIO Academy is a course for training young IT specialists to the level of IT director. This course will be useful for professional development, increasing the level of maturity and career growth of the future IT director. 


We have prepared materials and cases of real companies and sincerely want to share our knowledge and experience.

Target audience


Group up to 25 people. Deputy IT directors, IT specialists who want to become a CIO or have little experience in the CIO position.



Training takes place offline, in a conference hall in the center of Kyiv. Duration 4 weeks (8 sessions of 3 hours). The course consists of 50% theory and 50% practice.

How is the training


Each session lasts 3 hours. After the session, participants receive homework (multiple-choice and extended-answer tests). After completing the program, participants with the best results receive gifts from CIOneer and our partners. 

Why us


  • Professional mentors are CIOs and IT specialists of well-known companies.

  • Each mentor has at least 15 years of experience in their topic.

  • We are already conducting a program for the development of experienced IT directors - "CIO Open the Future". 

  • Constant support - answers to your questions during sessions and help in solving difficult professional situations.


Our team will help develop your theoretical and practical skills. We share only relevant knowledge, useful cases and management techniques.

Андрій Погорелий

Andriy Pogorely

Winner of the Best CIO  contest in Ukraine. Has international certifications CGEIT (Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT, CISA), auditor of information systems. One of the founders of the IT club.

Наталія Оберемок

Natalia Oberemok

Finalist of BEST CIO in Ukraine in 2017. 18 years of work in the field of IT. He has experience in the field of automation of production, procurement, warehouse, logistics, sales, retail trade, HoReCa.

Дмитро Харєбов

Dmytro Kharebov

Finalist of BEST CIO in Ukraine 2009, 2010. Certified project manager (PRINCE2, PSM, SAFe 5.0) with implementation cases of SAP ERP, Salesforce CRM, MES and B2B solutions.

Денис Вялков

Denis Vyalkov

IT specialist, software engineer and business analyst with extensive experience in participating in business process automation and data analysis projects. Worked as a business analyst at "TsUM".  

Андрій Дмитренко

Andriy Dmytrenko

For more than 20 years in Kyivoblenergo. Started as a technical support engineer and rose to CIO. Winner of the BEST CIO 2012 and BEST CIO 2017 projects in the "Energy" category.

Олег Демчик

Oleg Demchyk

Ex-CIO Burda Ukraine, Ex-CIO Edipresse Ukraine. 27 years of work in the field of IT. He started with the automation of nuclear power units of Ukrainian nuclear power plants (RBMK, VVER-1000). Then CIO at international publishing houses Burda, Edipresse.

Сергій Гаврилов

Sergey Gavrilov

IT director at "COMFY" company. Extensive experience in managing complex organizational structures and teams. Knows how to achieve results for the company without forgetting the needs of the people who work there.

Topics and schedule

November 1, 2022


"IT management according to international standards of divisions"

  • Business and IT strategy

  • How to connect business and IT

  • Typical mistakes of the IT director

  • Where to start building an IT department

  • Implementation of the system of IT performance evaluation indicators (KPI)

November 8, 2022


"Analytics and use of data"

  • What is a business analyst?

  • Differences between business intelligence and data analysis

  • How to take data under control

  • Typical customer pain points

  • Business cases

November 10, 2022

"Agile project management methodology"

  • types of projects and forms of management

  • criteria of successful projects

  • system approaches in solving problem situations

  • risk management

  • business cases

November 15, 2022


"How to build a service IT service"

  • What is an IT service model?

  • Catalog of IT services

  • IT Service Level Agreement

  • IT service life cycle

  • Business cases

November 3, 2022


"Immersion in business processes"

  • Basic concepts

  • How to describe business processes

  • Automation of business processes

  • Why is it important to implement a process approach in companies

  • The role of IT in the formation of an effective business process management system

November 15, 2022


"IT strategy"

  • Where to start and mistakes when creating an IT strategy

  • IT design factors

  • Structure of IT strategy

  • Assessment of IT strategy

  • IT BSC

November 15, 2022


"IT personnel management: from recruitment to dismissal. Evaluation of a specialist and his motivation"

  • Recruitment - how to conduct an interview and what to pay attention to

  • Adaptation of a new person in the team

  • Setting goals

  • How to maintain employee motivation

  • How to carry out IT restructuring

  • Working with difficult employees

  • Management of different types of employees

  • Typical problems in managing people

  • Performance Management

  • The right release of people

The cost of the course

UAH 18,000

When paying by September 1, 2022
UAH 15,000

After completing the course

  • The participant receives a certificate of successful training.

  • Join a closed group of CIOs who share professional advice, current vacancies, help solve work issues, find new acquaintances, and sometimes work.

  • Invitations to CIO meetings that we organize.

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