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Anna Chezganova


Anna Chezganova

  • Having been interested in information technologies since school years, I am constantly fascinated by their versatility.


    In 2006, she earned a bachelor's degree in "Economic Cybernetics" at Kyiv National University. economy Univ.-ti, Ukraine, and in 2007 she obtained a master's degree in the specialty "IT Management" at the same university. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ gained experience in IT management. After completing her master's degree, she began her career in IT as a database administrator (CRM support). in Ukraine.  I participate in international projects on project management and information security consulting. 


    I consider myself the most competent in building IT services and interaction with other departments, managing projects, processes, IT budgets and changes in companies of various levels.


    Like most CIOs, I have my unique experience,  knowledge and vision, which I want to apply practically for the development of the economy of Ukraine!


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