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IT transformation

Product tasks

  • Transforming the IT function into a business partner 

  • Providing flexible IT support for business initiatives 

  • Improving the quality of IT decisions 

  • Ensuring transparency of IT for the business 

  • Increasing the effectiveness of IT project investments


  • Assessment of the customer's current state 

  • Evaluation of IT maturity level according to Cobit 2019 

  • Analysis of IT projects 

  • Development of target IT state 

  • Participation in the Board of Directors (if needed) 

  • Assistance in developing IT strategy and roadmap 

  • Development of IT management model 

  • Development of a motivational system and roadmap 

  • 8 sessions per month with the customer's IT leadership 

  • 2-4 visits per month to the customer 

  • Providing expertise and document samples 

  • Progress monitoring

Customer benefits

  • Increased IT flexibility to respond to business challenges

  • Integration of IT with the business 

  • Improved IT governance and efficiency 

  • Increased trust in IT 

  • Reduced IT total cost of ownership (TCO) 

  • "Big Four" quality at a much lower cost 

  • Independent qualified IT expertise for the business

Customer case

A company that imports consumer goods approached us with a request to transform its IT function due to its inability to support business initiatives. We developed an IT Balanced Scorecard, roadmap, IT project portfolio, and effectiveness metrics. We implemented IT Governance principles and adapted the IT structure. The project resulted in a controlled and transparent IT function for customers that could quickly respond to business needs. Additionally, we improved the budgeting process at the enterprise level and implemented a corporate reporting system.


Project duration: 18 months

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