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CIO advisory

Product tasks

  • Assisting with IT and business integration 

  • Prioritizing IT directions according to business requirements

  • Defining the target state of IT 

  • Assisting with the development of an IT roadmap 

  • Recommendations for improving efficiency 

  • Analysis and adaptation of IT project portfolios 

  • CIO mentoring


  • Analysis of the client's existing situation 

  • 4 sessions per month with a CIO 

  • 1-2 visits per month to the client 

  • Provision of our expertise and document samples 

  • Progress monitoring

Client benefits

  • Rapid integration of IT and business 

  • Faster return on investment in IT 

  • Increased CIO maturity level 

  • Improved quality of IT decisions 

  • Increased IT efficiency 

  • Independent qualified IT expertise for the company

Customer case

A group of fintech companies approached us with a need for greater IT integration into their business. After the IT audit was provided a roadmap and action plan were developed, including weekly sessions with the CIO. In the sessions with the CIO, we worked out the issues of the IT management model, the construction of the service IT function, IT budgeting, IT performance indicators of the department, and practical examples from our previous experience. As a result, the IT function transformed from a cost center to a profit center.


Project Duration: 8 months

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