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IT excellence

Product tasks

  • Assistance in determining the role of IT in the company 

  • Prioritization of IT directions according to business requirements 

  • Building/improving IT service role 

  • Reducing operational costs for IT 

  • Identification of IT risks and consequences 

  • Quick recovery of business after IT incidents


  • Determining the customer's current state 

  • Analysis of customer documents 

  • Evaluation of the current level of IT maturity according to Cobit 2019 

  • Development of IT management model 

  • Assistance in developing an IT roadmap 

  • 8 sessions per month with the IT management of the customer

  • 2 visits per month to the customer 

  • Providing our expertise and document samples 

  • Progress monitoring

Customer benefits

  • Increased trust in IT 

  • Reduced operational costs for IT 

  • Transparent IT service structure building 

  • Increased IT efficiency 

  • Better integration of IT and Business

  • Independent qualified IT expertise for business

Customer case

A manufacturing company approached us with a request to improve the efficiency of the IT department. After assessing the situation and the maturity level of IT processes, we created a Catalog of IT services, defined and agreed with the business service parameters (SLA/OLA), developed an IT management model, prioritized the IT project, and conducted training in IT areas. 


As a result, IT became transparent for business, appeared as a map of IT priorities, and filled the organizational structure of IT.


Project duration: 6 months

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