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Business intelligence 

  • Analysis of enterprise reporting information systems

  • Analysis of management and business process owners' needs

  • Data architecture development

  • DWH organization

  • Corporate reporting development

  • Increased turnover, effective category, and pricing management

  • 24x7 company management - all operational information in the smartphone

  • Model building for "What-If?" analysis

  • Quasi-online analysis of marketing campaigns

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of trading points

  • Optimization of inventory management

Customer case

A company with over 200 retail outlets approached us to build a single data repository and set up dashboards for business analysis. After a detailed analysis of the client's sources, we proposed a related technology stack. In 3 months, we set up an automatic process of loading data (ETL) into the warehouse (DWH). Based on DWH, data marts with more than 20 indicators for business evaluation. We implemented 7 dashboards with more than 30 visualizations. As a result, completed inventory optimization and a supply chain was established, resulting in minimized lost sales.

Project duration: 3 months.

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Product tasks

  • Integration of enterprise systems into a unified information field

  • Improved speed and quality of business decision-making

  • Maximization of existing data effectiveness

  • Automation of corporate reporting process for every decision-making level

  • Minimization of errors associated with human factors


Customer benefits

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