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Implementation of BI for the distributor company

One of our clients is a large retail distributor. But one of the Owner's long-standing dreams was to have a single online corporate reporting system that he could work with anywhere in the world. But due to the unpreparedness of information resources, people, processes, mass use of Excel models, the implementation of the project was unrealistic.


The company needed a single system that would allow analysis of information about the company's activities.


Our specialists performed work on collecting business requirements, analyzing data sources, creating a data model, and after 3 months, implemented a number of important reports in the Microsoft Power BI system.


After an IT audit and a six-month transformation project, the company received an analytical system that allows you to analyze the business and make decisions not once a month (after its closure), but 24x7 in real time.


This has raised the culture of working with data to another level of maturity. At the moment, the system is developing, the company's appetite for new requirements is growing, because it has a tool that shows: excess inventory in warehouses, categories with low margins, problems with cost, and much more.


We know that almost every company today already has a sufficient volume of data for effective business decision-making, so the only question is how to use it correctly. After all, business gets competitive advantages, primarily due to the timeliness of making the right decisions.

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