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Business analytics

Every manager dreams of making decisions based on reliable numbers, not intuition.


Typical questions and issues that managers want quick answers to are basically the following:

  • what is the level of sales compared to the plan and the previous period (month, year)

  • what is the actual markup by group/category/SKU compared to the planned markup

  • what is the level of accounts receivable and what is the trend for the last quarter

  • what is the turnover of goods in the main categories and how much "extra" money is frozen in warehouse stocks

Unfortunately, the classic for our market is the combination of 1C + MS Excel, in which the second product replaces reporting, "stitches" business processes and is often an "indispensable" business planning tool.


Today, such clients have the opportunity to receive reliable information once a month after its "closing". Of course, in a highly competitive market, such generosity is nice for your competitors, but it kills your business.


The duration of the average complexity of the "Corporate Reporting" project is three months. And as a result, the client receives 10 reports, 10-15 visualizations, abandons Excel models and begins to feel his business "at the tips of his fingers".


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