What guarantees that you do not share information with our competitors?
  • We have accepted code of professional ethics (by ISACA): ‘Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their activities unless disclosure is required by legal authority’
  • We sign a NDA with every customer
  • Our fundamental value is not to provide our service(s) for rival companies
  • We do not sell our reputation
How will your company understand and address my needs in the right way?

First of all, we will provide a comprehensive evaluation (discovery phase) of your company that will include management interviews, evaluation of the organization, infrastructure, applications etc. We have designed an effective methodology based on the proven tools and sources like Cobit 5, ITIL 3, BSC, etc. Our knowledge and experience have been confirmed by independent global certification authorities.

In 1 month after the start of the Discovery phase, we will present our evaluation study and roadmap to the stakeholders and/or company management to confirm the short-term and long-term expectations, returns, top business priorities, needs, risks, etc.

What languages do you speak?

English , Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian

What is the difference between your services and those of other consultants?

We are acting consultants and take responsibility for what we recommend

We are independent from any vendor or solution provider

We will build your IT processes in a way that will not depend on us in 6-12 months.

Can you do everything in the area of IT?

No. We do what we know best – making transformation of your IT into a business function.

We do not do programming or infrastructure management, but we will definitely help to assist the company or the person in your team who will do it professionally.