Our customer


We have a wide experience in a variety of areas such as FMCG, Media, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Managing Companies, Non-profit Organizations and other entities and are not limited by industry type.

Our typical customers are medium or large-size business companies that understand the potential of increasing revenues by means of correct utilization of IT investments and construction of transparent and measurable IT which increases the efficiency of company employees and data utilization.

Typical issues that call for this change are:

  • High IT costs
  • Low IT value for the business
  • Financial losses linked to frequent IT risk occurrence
  • A number of failed IT initiatives
  • Shift in the market or competitive position


Our customers get a number of measurable and non-measurable benefits:

  • Reducing IT TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Maximizing the value of IT investments
  • Providing a holistic IT approach
  • Increasing the level of IT processes maturity
  • Making IT transparent and measurable
  • Managing IT risks
  • Building long-term business solutions based on the right technology


  • Your investments in IT are not linked to company profit, savings or costs avoidance
  • Your IT does not speak business language
  • You do not have an answer to 2 or more questions below:
    • What value in $ has IT delivered over the last 12 months?
    • What was the TCO of your company during the last 3 years?
    • When was the last IT customer survey conducted?
    • How many IT tickets / incidents were reported last month?
    • What is the ROI for the key IT projects?
  • Your IT contributes to the company profit/efficiency/market share
  • Your IT is proactive
  • There is no gap between business and IT maturity