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IT audit

Product tasks

  • Identifying the state of IT in the company 

  • Identifying key enterprise issues in IT 

  • Identifying risks in IT 

  • Identifying components of IT cost reduction 

  • Developing an IT roadmap and identifying control points


  • Cobit 2019 compliance assessment 

  • Evaluating the maturity of IT processes as they stand now 

  • SWOT analysis 

  • Analysis by direction, including: 

    • Infrastructure 

    • Appendices 

    • The organizational structure of IT 

    • Information security 

  • Development of a detailed road map of IT actions 

  • Progress monitoring (1 session per month for 6 months)

Customer benefits

  • Transparency of work, honesty, and independence from solution providers 

  • Independent evaluation by experienced specialists (CISA, CGEIT, CISM) 

  • The quality of service is several times lower in cost than that of the "Big 4" 

  • Support for the implementation of the road map (if necessary)

  • Reduction of IT risks 

  • Saving resources (money, personnel, time, reduction of lost profit) 

Customer case

An investment fund, a co-owner of an insurance company, requested an IT audit. Unauthorized access to the company's system, which was managed by an external contractor, was discovered during the audit. We found flaws in the IT contractor contracts that would have put the company's license to utilize the software in jeopardy. We also found chances to improve particular IT and business procedures. 


Project duration: 1.5 months

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